Khing Kang King - IAO
Old Apparatus member LTO and (oc)cult rapper Mowgli combine forces to create an intense EP that exists in a bewitching interzone between abstract sound poetry, dense wordplay and electronic hip-hop, quite unlike anything else you’ll hear this year. With themes derived from magickal texts, the EP dives off into unknown, engaging territory. Mowgli’s vocals attack the logic of sentences, creating meaning from word association and deconstructing words and structure in a way that the listener just has to give attention to rather than try and understand.
Heroin is a moreish drug. If you take too much you will die. Language is equally moreish. It bathes in limitlessness. Unrestricted by purpose. Unless the shadow of letters combined make hyperdimensional voids in space time. Language is where ideas settle and civilisations dawn. Welcome to Mowgli's world: Portals of literature, stories and soundscapes, theories of intervention, alchemical abstractions, ayahuasca episodes, the mysteries of the temple pillars on a Mount Kimbie score. It is all here. This is what bizarre research chemicals, monolithic devices and time travel apparatus, hypnagogic lights and the solid state frequency generators, car journeys home from 24 hour gymnasiums, fifty open text edit tabs, tabletops covered in interconnecting scraps of paper peppered in wordplay surrounded by geometrical calculations and number squares, sound like. It is all here. Here in abundance. The forks in the road are the holes in the fabric. Point A evaporates. welcome to point B. Choose your flight path from sirius. Make yourself comfortable. Make yourself known - or - stay in the shadows and remain anonymous. Welcome www.montalk.org
Emcee-poet-artist-social critic, Mowgli is one of this country's most unique and talented lyricists, describing him as merely a rapper would be misleading to those who are all too familiar with the braggadocio and egotistical narcissism that has swamped the Hip-Hop genre. He has played around the UK and Europe to great success. After many years perfecting his craft, Mowgli has committed his finest material to his debut opus, 93. In doing so, he unleashes his distinctive, unconventional take on Hip-Hop to London, the UK and the rest of the world.
with Old Apparatus Released on Deep Medi Musik